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Gall Stone Surgery

What is Cholecystectomy or Surgery for Gall Bladder Stones?

Cholecystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the gall bladder which is a pear-shaped organ that sits just below your liver on the right side of the abdomen. The gallbladder collects and stores bile, a digestive fluid produced in the liver.  At GNH Hospital, Gurgaon, India we generally perform the operation through a Laparoscopic technique. This technique ensures short stay in hospital and less blood loss along with fater recovery.

Why is Cholecystectomy or Gall Bladder Removal Surgery done?

Gall Bladdder Stone surgery is done due to one of the following reasons:

- Stones in the Gall Blader
- Cyst in the Gall Bladder
- Pancreatitis (inflammation of the Pancreas)
- Cholecystitis (inflammation of Gall Bladder)
- Carcinoma of Gall Bladder

What is done during the Cholecystectomy or Gall Bladder Stone Removal surgery?

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a common surgery and carries only a small risk of complications. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is most commonly performed by inserting a tiny video camera and special surgical tools through four small incisions to see inside your abdomen and remove the gallbladder.In some cases one large incision may be used to remove the gallbladder. This is called an open cholecystectomy or open gall bladder removal surgery.
During a laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, a thin tube is inserted into the body through a tiny cut made just below your navel. The surgeon can then see your gallbladder on a monitor screen and performs the surgery with tools inserted in three other small cuts made in the right upper part of your abdomen. The gallbladder is then taken out through one of the incisions.
With laparoscopic cholecystectomy, the patient may return to work sooner, have less pain after surgery, and have a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery .


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