Cryolipolysis/ Laser Fat Reduction at GNH Hospital Gurgaon

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Laser lipolysis is now a commonly used and accepted modality for removal of unwanted fatty tissue. Since its United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in October of 2006, studies have continued to corroborate early clinical observations of decreased adiposity, shorter recovery times, and improved skin tightening. Throughout the last five years we have discovered that laser lipolysis liquefies fatty tissue, coagulates small blood vessels, induces collagenesis with remodeling, and promotes tissue tightening.

Non-surgical lipolysis techniques use laser energy, radiofrequency, ultrasound or cold (cryolipolysis) to reduce fat. Devices are applied directly to the skin of the treatment area and do not employ injections (as in injection lipolysis) or incisions (as in laser assisted liposuction). Although fat loss is more subtle with non-surgical lipolysis techniques compared to surgical liposuction, non-surgical lipolysis techniques have several advantages including reduced cost, reduced healing time, and non surgical. Laser, radiofrequency, cryolipolysis and ultrasound  techniques provide additional advantages of tissue tightening.
Lipolysis works very good on people those are already exercise or strictly following diet plan but still there is some small stubborn fat which is not going even after vigorous exercise or diet. Lipolysis will mobilize that fat and you can see much better result.

Doctor at GNH Hospital for Fat Reduction / Cryo- lipolysis

- Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgeon at GNH Hospital, Gurgaon India