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Weight Loss /Weight Gain Management

What is Body Weight

70-80% of our body weight is water. So if you weigh 100 kg do not worry as 70 kg of this is water. One third of the remaining body weight is the weight of your bones, the rest being fat and muscles. So for a person weighing 100 kg only about 8 kg is body fat which is the problem.


Rehab Train

At GNH Hospital, Our Fitness Centre - Rehab train is the only fitness centre or gym in Gurgaon where you train under the supervision of experienced physical therapists and dieticians. Losing body weight can be achieved either by losing water or muscle tissue or fat. If you lose water then your skin becomes dehydrated and loses its lustre. Too much water loss leads to severe dehydration and lack of energy. 

Our objective is to lose body fat which can be done through exercise and calorie deficit. For those who fail to lose body fat through diet management and exercise, we have other options like Cryo-LipolysisLipsosuction or Bariatric Fat Loss Surgery. At Rehab Train you would be getting into shape under the supervision of experienced physical therapists and therefore there is no risk of any injury to your bones or muscles.

The fitness or weight loss packages at Rehab Train are quite reasonable and comparable to the packages available at the gyms where there are no physical therapists to monitor your exercise regimen. Physiotherapists at the gym will first evaluate you completely and set the periodic health goals which are to be achieved. After this a personalized diet and exercise program will be designed for you. This programme will be rigorously followed by you and your trainer.


Right Exercise

At Rehab Train Centre in Gurgaon you learn to exercise with proper technique because any exercise wrongly done can cause more harm than benefit. Under the guidance of our Personal physiotherapist fitness Trainers in Gurgaon you will learn the correct way to use machines while training and the proper form for different exercises making your work-out safe and more effective, improving results and reducing the risk of any injury in cost benefit packages.

Personalized Programme

Improved Efficiency at rehab train centre in gurgaon- Exercising under the guidance of our physiotherapist can save your time and effort, and help you see the best results you want. Whether you’re short on time or need to focus on a particular area, your physiotherapist as Personal Trainer will create best exercise regimen designed for your specific needs that you enjoy while meeting your goals. Now u needs not to go in any gym in Gurgaon where they don’t explain your body biomechanics and training in proper body posture to avoid risks.

Along with gym and fitness classes rehab train will also include zumba classes. Zumba is a form of aerobic dance which enhances one's body strength and flexibility. At rehab train physiotherapist will take full assessment of the person before starting Zumba class. Assessment will include flexibility, endurance and strength test. So accordingly physiotherapist at rehab train will plan zumba classes as per the body strength of the person.

Enjoy Challenges and Results at rehab training centre of fitness gym and zumba classes in Gurgaon. Our physiotherapist will push you harder and give you the encouragement you need to take your workouts to the next level.


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